Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements (U.T.M.)

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Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements (U.T.M.)​

Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements (U.T.M.)​

Benemar SA is approved by all I.A.C.S. members to conduct UTM surveys.

Our company is committed to our customers in order to provide high quality services.

Our goal is to continuously improve these services; Therefore, our employees are well-trained, have excellent knowledge of the rules and requirements of all the IACS members and our company provides them with the latest certified equipment.

Our UTM team consists of experienced technicians, with a high level of education and ready to take control of any challenge.

Provided Services

  • Thickness measurements according to rules and surveyor’s request
  • Marking of all required steel works and supervision of all the repair progress
  • Hull condition surveys
  • Steel repair weight estimation
  • Anchor chain measurements
  • Survey superintendents
  • Our technicians may assist the attending superintendent by monitoring any works, supervising the fit-up and final inspection of hull repairs, calculating staging and reporting back any progress​
ship Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements